Assisted Conception IVF

Acupuncture treatments in the months leading up to and immediately before and after invitro fertilization (IVF) or IUI helps to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Treatment at the pre stage focuses on:

• improving general health

• increasing blood supply to the reproductive organs

• improving the lining of the uterus

• improving egg production and egg quality

• correcting menstrual cycle irregularities

• addressing nutritional and lifestyle concerns

• managing stress

Please plan for at least 2 months before your transfer.

Treatment pre/post embryo transfer focuses on:

• helping with implantation

• reducing stress

• creating a receptive environment for pregnancy

Please Note:

Treatment is usually carried out the day before and then immediately after your transfer, if possible the same day. I am available evenings and weekends/bank holidays for treatment on the day of your transfer.