Traditional Chinese Medicine

What happens at my initial treatment?

The first treatment will take approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. A complete medical history will be taken. We will talk about factors in your life that may have contributed to your health condition. Specific information concerning your current health and symptoms experienced will be discussed. Your pulse and tongue will be examined. A prescription will be designed around this initial information. Your first appointment will include your first treatment. The needles will be left in place for approximately 20 minutes.

Second and subsequent treatments will last approximately 1 hour. We will talk about how you are feeling since your last treatment and discuss any changes. Your pulse and tongue will be checked for any changes. Your prescription is then reviewed accordingly. Again needles will be left in for 20 minutes and you will be left to relax. Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation after treatment. These feelings can often lead to a reduction of stress and better sleep.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are few. However you may feel a little sleepy after treatment. Occasionally a small bruise can occur at the site of the needle. It is important to have something to eat before you come for treatment to avoid feeling faint.

Existing symptoms can get worse after treatment although this occurs with fewer than 3% of patients. You should tell your acupuncturist about this, but it is usually a good sign.


How many treatments will I need?

Everyone coming for treatment is different. If you have suffered with symptoms for a long time you may need long term treatment. I will talk with you about your expectations of acupuncture and discuss how it may help, although it must be stressed that acupuncture does not help everyone. We will discuss a treatment plan at the initial appointment and what you can expect.